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  2. Aoife

    I completed the I-beat chronic pain course 1 to 1 online with Lisa earlier this year and highly recommend the course. It takes commitment over the 8 weeks but will be the best decision you make. It has given me so many techniques to help and use in daily life. I had an introduction to mindfullness by completing a couple of forest bathing sessions with Lisa. This course has taken my learning to a much higher level and given me a love for mindfullness and meditation. So grateful I made the choice to complete the course. It has given me ways to help and reduce issues associated with a health condition and the anxiety/fear that can go along with that. Plus it has immensely helped me in work daily life and coping with work stress

    Breathworks Mindfulness for Health-GBreathworks Mindfulness for Health-G

  3. Hilary

    Mindfulness for Health is such an insightful and practical way to learn and apply mindfulness techniques to daily living. I have dabbled in meditation and mindfulness over the years but the way this course is structured means you build up a set of techniques and understanding week by week so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming but that you can already feel a difference in week 1. The techniques can be applied to almost any aspect of life and so the benefits are plenty. Lisa’s teaching style is so understanding, patient and accessible that she really helps breakdown concepts in a simple and engaging way and gives really helpful and practical guidance with any questions/challenges. I completed the course online , 1:1, which I found to be a really effective way to do the course as could focus on the materials without getting distracted with travel etc. Highly recommend this course with Lisa, in fact I have already recommended it to a number of people! Thank you Lisa 🙂

    Breathworks Mindfulness for Health-GBreathworks Mindfulness for Health-G

  4. Trish reddington

    I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Every week we were given easy practical ideas that we could implement into our everyday life that I found really helpful!!!
    I also really enjoyed doing it online which was something I was nervous about at first.
    Lisa is a really wonderful kind teacher who was always willing to spend extra individual time with me if anything was unclear.
    I will definitely return for more mindfulness courses with Lisa in the future.

    Breathworks Mindfulness for Health-GBreathworks Mindfulness for Health-G

  5. Lorraine White

    This course is one not to be missed. I think it should be mandatory self care for all. I cannot recommend it highly enough. As a beginner and new to mindfulness I’m delighted to say that Lisa was amazing with her approach in educating participants on this course. From the get go sharing skills and enlightening us on many aspects of mindfulness was her objective and she certainly delivered. I gained so much awareness of myself through this course or rather the person I was before I had the tools for effective mindfulness. I feel v lucky to say that group participation was very positive with a wonderful group of people sharing this journey. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

    Breathworks Mindfulness for Health-GBreathworks Mindfulness for Health-G

  6. Gillian

    Such an amazing experience.Thought of it more of a getting into better habits with meditation, which I did, but I also gained alot of tools and a new way of thinking, approaching life!
    I would highly recommend for any level.
    Very Grateful to have experienced this course with Lisa plus a really lovely bunch.

    Breathworks Mindfulness for Health-GBreathworks Mindfulness for Health-G

  7. Paula Connolly

    I would highly recommend the Mindfulness for Health Course. I have certainly benefited from the course and my personal well-being has greatly improved.

    Our teacher Lisa was hugely instrumental in this regard, due not only to her compassionate and competent guidance, but also to the open and honest contribution of the participants. Lisa presented the class in an empathic, engaging manner motivating us to develop the skills to be present and aware. She cultivated a really good participation and interaction within the entire class.

    The course has helped me to become more aware, kinder and to be a more resilient person. I look forward to continuing to implement, on a daily basis, the skills and toolkit that I have gained through the mindfulness and breathing practices.

    Breathworks Mindfulness for Health-GBreathworks Mindfulness for Health-G

  8. Ann McVeigh

    I cannot recommend this course enough. Lisa was a wonderful facilitator who is very committed to her practice. She shares her knowledge with enthusiasm while she gently guides you to places within yourself that you never knew existed. Appreciation of the natural world, kindness and compassion for yourself and others, acceptance and a host of meditations to enrich your day and just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you Lisa for the gift of sitting quietly and just being. My life is all the better for having had you in it.

    Breathworks Mindfulness for Health-GBreathworks Mindfulness for Health-G

  9. Frances Walsh

    Beautiful course and would recommend to anyone who wants to develop better health and well-being through mindfulness and meditation. After completing this course, I have become significantly kinder and gentle with myself and as a result to others too. The course was deliver in a calm and gentle manner and had a natural flow of each weeks sessions building on the previous one. I am a better person for having completed the course.

    Breathworks Mindfulness for Health-GBreathworks Mindfulness for Health-G

  10. Oonagh Christie

    Lisa calmly & expertly guided us through this fantastic course. The depth of her knowledge & practice were clearly evident as she supported us to think & feel differently. Developed so many, really quite simple techniques that make a significant difference in managing our health & so much more. I’d encourage anybody to sign up – you won’t regret it.
    With gratitude & a new practice to consciously stop & check out the clouds. Great stuff!

    Breathworks Mindfulness for Health-GBreathworks Mindfulness for Health-G

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