Issue 1 – August 2021

A Chara, 

I hope you are keeping well and that you are looking forward to enjoying the long weekend ahead. Whether your plans for the Bank Holiday include going for a walk, cooking your favourite food or sleeping a lot, I hope that you will make time to pause, relax, and nourish yourselves with the things that bring you joy!

Forest bathing and outdoor mindfulness are in full swing and I am loving sharing the benefits of mindfulness, particularly outdoors, with as many of you as possible! These sessions will continue into the winter season this year as I have invested in an outdoor Norwegian tipi. A wonderful community space that sits 40 people comfortably underneath.

Many thanks to the local partnership for kindly giving me some financial assistance towards this!

The feedback from all ten participants from the recent Mindfulness for Health course has been so positive! I’m looking forward to commencing a new group in September and will be holding some mindfulness taster sessions in August to help promote and build some awareness around the Breathworks programmes. 

Lastly, during the last year I have been facilitating Corporate wellbeing Programmes online for different companies and government departments that have been working from home during the covid restrictions. If you or your place of work would like to discuss running a lunchtime or evening programme please get in touch by emailing