Calmpaths - breathworks mindfulness for stress

Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress course

What are Breathworks courses?

Breathworks courses are ‘gold standard’ 8-week mindfulness courses – Mindfulness for Health (Mindfulness-based Pain Management (MBPM) & Mindfulness for Stress.

I am offering a range of formats from online group-guided book-based courses right through to one to one mentoring for individuals or corporate groups

What is the Breathworks approach?

The Breathworks approach is grounded in compassionate awareness, with a gentle, gradual transformation of our relationship to all our life experiences, including our pain or difficulty


Our brains were designed to survive – not to be happy. A great deal of stress is caused by the fact that our brains are trying to use stone-age techniques in the modern world.

However, happiness and calm are skills that can be learned, just like driving or dancing, and can stay with you for a lifetime.

The 8-week course, is taught in a supportive and friendly group setting, it will teach you how to boost your happiness and well-being, find new sources of resilience, joy, and calm in your life, and to cope with stress, anxiety, fear, and depression.


These courses have helped thousands of people suffering from stress associated with work, family and relationships, loss, depression, chronic generalised anxiety, social anxiety, and those who simply want to boost their resilience, learn mindfulness and meditation, or find greater joy and well-being in their lives.

Breathworks courses have been the subject of multiple psychological research papers, here’s some of the results they found-

  • Less depression and anxiety
  • Less tiredness and fatigue
  • Stress levels fall by average of 28%
  • Greater quality of life
  • More self compassion and mindfulness
  • Greater happiness, calm and resilience