Community Group Meditation

Every moment is an opportunity for the next moment.

Our intentions, people we surround ourselves with, places, all influence our experience.

Our community meditation group meet every Friday evening and is always in a state of flux.

An opportunity to learn that we have a choice about what we think & feel.

Two 20 minute sittings with a break in between to make a cup of tea.

Please bring your own mug.

Community location – to be confirmed.

Intro to Mindful Meditation

Have you noticed how much our thinking shapes our direct experience?

This ‘thinking world’ alot of the time, leads the way in how we live our lives, how we act, what we say or don’t say.

Patterns like day dreaming, plotting, planning, judging, calculating we can all relate to. Patterns usually driven by beliefs, ideas and emotional forces.

It’s easy to blame outside influences, him or her, or they are not doing something right, the weather is not good or work related the list we can make for ourselves is endless.

What if we took a look carefully within ourselves and catch a glimpse of how compulsive our own mind is, how repetitive our own thoughts are, this way of thinking that often creates a whole world in itself that can be stressful, overwhelming and really exhausting.

By learning and understanding the impact of our thinking world, we can also learn how to relax, let go, release and make space around this thinking muscle.

Virtual, and 6-week online course details coming soon.