My love of the outdoors and nature began from a very young age. It was in nature that I found a sense of belonging. Today being in nature is where I feel a sense of wellness and connection to my creativity. I am happiest outdoors brewing a cup of tea.

From an early age I also recognised movement was another way to feel well in my body, I loved all types of dancing and in the late 90’s whilst backpacking around Australia I started practicing yoga. The connection between the mind and body has always interested me.

I wanted to share this mind body connection and my experiences of nature, although I never thought I could incorporate the two in one practice.

Going on to train in mindfulness and mindfulness-based pain management (MBPM) it was clear to me that people benefited from this mind body connection especially when life becomes overwhelming and we face challenges or change.

Since 2001, I have facilitated programmes in body and breath awareness, natural birthing and outdoor activities ( land and water ) both on the east Coast and west coast of Ireland. More recently, having completed my training in mindfulness based pain (and illness) management (MBPM) I have been delivering mindfulness and mindfulness in nature ( forest bathing ) programmes to foster health, wellbeing and happiness to individuals, corporate organisations and government departments.

I hold a BA Degree in Outdoor Education.I am a certified BKS Iyengar Yoga teacher, Active Birth facilitator, an accredited Breathworks UK Mindfulness teacher (MBPM), Mindful ageing ( Mindfulness Association UK)

I am an ICU Kayak Instructor, an accredited ‘Leave no Trace’ trainer ( Ireland) and hold ISA Powerboat and Safety boat licences. I’ve trained and have expertise in Mountain leader, Indoor and Outdoor Climbing, Remote Emergency Care and was a previous member of Mountaineering Ireland and the Mayo Mountain RescueTeam in Westport Co. Mayo where I resided for 12 years, with my three children.

My own unique set of conditions fostered this need inside myself to further develop my own support system as a way to continue to support and meet the needs of others.

A deeper journey of personal practice and formal training in Mindful meditation, Vipassana (Silent meditation ) Mindfulness, Mindful movement, Loving kindness and Self Compassion gave me the space and opportunity to explore who I am and what matters most in my life, this mindful life I now choose to have. It continues to be an interesting and enjoyable journey.

Following my experience of living with a health condition, I was introduced to Breathworks, an organisation based in the UK, I began formally training with them in 2016 and now I teach the skills I learnt to people who experience difficulty and suffering in this new way of working , one of kindness and compassion, learning to breath out before you breathe in.

In 2020, I founded Calmpaths

During the COVID-19 pandemic I initiated a pilot scheme on the grounds of a local walled garden and forested woodland.

I showcased ‘Forest bathing’ offering four hour experiences to health care workers and individuals as a way to foster resilience, to offer some support and explore the concept of reciprocity with the local land, it was warmly received by participants.

For the ’21 season I will be offering Forest bathing and Mindfulness nature-based experiences in Beaulieu House Estate and other woodland areas around the East Coast.

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