Supportive yoga practice

90 minute class of accessible yoga postures & movements emphasising different ways to express them, utilising various yoga aids and props, including a focus on actions to prepare for more challenging progressions.

This class is suitable for a yoga practitioner that is drawn towards alignment, attention to detail and cultivating body awareness. Some experience of yoga is recommended.

Virtual – Wednesday’s 6pm level 1-2 on Zoom – email

Calm Birth Yoga classes

Prepare Body, Mind, Emotions for pregnancy, labour and birth through the practice of yoga and mindful meditation.
Each week dedicate a space in your life, body and heart as you roll out the yoga mat in the bright, warm and spacious hall of St. Peter’s Church, in the heart of Drogheda town (

Come away each week feeling part of a community, supported and encouraged to make your own informed choices for your own unique birth experience within the Irish hospital or home birth environment.

Calm paths has a Covid-19 safety charter and will be following Irish government return to work policies and procedures.The Calm birth class will be inclusive of two pods. The first pod will be made up of five and the second will have six, both pods will remain separated and within each pod will be the required 2m distance.

The hall offers two separate doors for entry and exit, while also providing adequate ventilation to the space.You will be required to bring your own sticky yoga mat and 2 cushions, and a mask will be required until you are comfortably sitting /  leaving the mat following the class or to use the toilet facilities.

What can you expect from a calm birth class?

  • Learn about the Mind and body connection using the Limbic brain
  • Optimise space in the body and learn how daily habitual body movements can impact optimal foetal positioning
  • Explore the breath, the parasympathetic nervous system / rest and digest branch and learn how to self-sooth
  • Cultivate the ability to listen to your body, feel into body sensations, and practice applying a body scan
  • Practice & prepare with movement for Labour, hopscotch labour and tips for perineum massage and afterbirth
  • Experience and discover why oxytocin, self care and loving kindness practice are necessities

Each class includes an opportunity to check in & engage with other pregnant women preparing for birth in the hospital and home birth environment during this challenging time.

These classes may be partly RECLAIMED from your Private Health Insurance

Please ensure you have filled out the health screening form below, before participating in these classes and you have discussed participating in these classes with your health care provider.

  • Calm birth 8 week pass €106
  • Calm birth 1 week pass € 18
Calm paths booking policy

Once booked classes are non refundable and transferable. Please do not request a refund if you are unwell or unexpectedly unable to attend.

The only exception is in extenuating circumstances such as admission to hospital or baby being born early or additionally a confirmed Covid 19 case.

Thank you for your understanding. I appreciate that you don’t ask me to make exceptions. This policy was created with your best interests in mind and to make the system manageable and class numbers consistent.

In the event of further government restrictions, due to Covid 19 that prevent the classes from continuing in the community, classes will continue online through the platform Zoom.

Corporate well-being programmes

Corporate yoga wellness programs are specifically tailored to your organisation. Due to the increasing numbers of people working from home, yoga and mindfulness meditation is being embraced by many progressive businesses, community organisations and government departments many of which are incorporating alternative health and wellness programs to encourage work/life balance.

Yoga and mindfulness meditation can be a welcome break to a busy work day or a relaxing way to de-stress at the end of the day.

Through building yoga and mindfulness meditation into your working day it can assist in creating the right work balance.

Every online yoga class is customised for your workplace needs.

▪︎Style of yoga

▪︎Level of challenge  ~ Classes are designed to accommodate from beginner to intermediate

▪︎Focus of the classes

How does it work?

▪︎Classes are typically 60 minutes and can take place early morning, during lunch or after work.

▪︎ Online Yoga classes take place in the comfort of your home using the Zoom platform

▪︎For these classes you will be able to see/hear all of the instructions as your teacher guides you through the class. The teacher can see you, instruct and guide you from beginning to end of class

Some benefits of online corporate yoga

▪︎Reduced stress, anxiety & depression

▪︎Increased energy and decreased fatigue

▪︎Improved memory, focus and concentration

▪︎Stronger muscles and increased flexibility

▪︎Improved posture

▪︎Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases.

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