Calmpaths founded by Lisa Kennedy, provides meditation and mindfulness training, forest bathing and nature based mindfulness experiences in Ireland and across Europe.

Her teaching is informed by her personal meditation practice since 2013, with foundational practices of self compassion, kindness, mindful movement and more recently her interest in embodied inquiry as part of ‘The Gathering’ a meditation community in the UK founded by Collette power.

My teachings have also been guided by facilitating Iyengar yoga and natural physiological birth programmes since 2001. More recently a personal experience of a health condition has given me a tremendous amount of insight and gently guided me to a quieter stillness practice. I regularly attend silent meditations and retreats and I have one- to- one monthly mentoring and guidance from an experienced meditation teacher.

Leading Boyne Valley and South Louth Company for Mindfulness Training and Forest bathing Events

Lisa offers mindfulness training for individuals, groups and organisations and is engaged in developing mindfulness based nature connection programmes in her local area.

I meet the requirements of the good practice guidance for teaching mindfulness based courses published by the UK network of mindfulness based teacher trainers.

I am an accredited Breath works teacher, teaching the following mindfulness courses:

Breathworks Mindfulness for Health 8 Week Course    Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress 8 Week Course

Why mindfulness?

My personal mindfulness practice has given me the skills and the ability to identify my own internal challenges, my habits, patterns of behaviour like avoidance and resistance, when it comes to dealing with challenge and change.

I have noticed when we begin to explore and identify what these patterns are, in a supportive and compassionate way, then handle them more skilfully, our whole world can change.

The practice of kindness and self compassion can take this practice one step further, mindfully accepting that the moment is challenging, and embracing ourselves with kindness and care in response, remembering that imperfection is part of the shared human experience.

The practice

Meditation, mindful movement, walking meditation, inquiry are the formal foundations of a mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness is adaptive, it’s a tool that can be used anywhere and at any time, especially helpful anytime we feel overwhelmed, stressed and can be tailored for the workplace and other environments.

Simply pausing

 Mindful movement, mindful walking, forest bathing ( mindfulness in nature) or just simply pausing to notice the blue sky can help direct us back to steadying the mind, enough to gain space and perspective, to see clearly what is real and what isn’t.


These courses are not for everyone, mindfulness is challenging and the skills need to be supported by the formal practices of meditation which can be demanding and requires commitment. I can help you decide if this is the right time in your life for this training.

The skills learnt can help us radically develop different ways of dealing with challenge and change and helps us develop resilience, calm and creativity in how we respond to life.

Other Courses

Each individual course I offer is tailored and formatted for the participant or the particular client group, I deliver bespoke courses for government departments, including the department of justice in Ireland as well as private companies.

People living with chronic pain may need to do a course from the comfort of their own home, whereas women who are preparing for labour and birth have their own unique set of requirements and needs

Both are within my expertise from living with a health condition and a long standing personal and professional experience of natural physiological birth.

If you would like to discuss a course and format that suits you or your organisation’s needs please get in touch.