Experiences in forest bathing and mindfulness based pain management strategies

Connecting health, well being and happiness to forests, nature and moment to moment awareness

**Covid 19 – Forest bathing experiences at Beaulieu House and Gardens will recommence, in line with the Irish Government return to work guidelines, as soon as these are confirmed.
Being outside is the safest way for us to gather together and also stay the required 2m apart. Group sizes will be in accordance with guidelines as well as some other safety requirements but I’m confident your safety will be my priority and your experience will not be compromised. It will still be possible to have a rich and nourishing time shared together.
( April 2021)

Calmpaths mission

To boost the physical, mental and emotional well being of all humans with the healing power of nature and mindfulness.

To foster resilience and reciprocity as a way to give back to our planet

To build a sense of community and connection within nature for all humans and species of the planet.

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